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Trump Campaigns Courts to Condone Voter Suppression

Picture of Donald Trump and a voter at a polling station

Donald Trump files twelve lawsuits in five battleground states in a desperate attempt to reverse his decisive defeat. These suits, endorsed by Republicans, are twelve instances of attempted voter suppression by the President.

The Trump campaign litigated the election throughout 2020 and the suits came fast and furious on election night when defeat was sure.

Democratic Group launches a series of articles examining the President’s use of voter suppression and the courts to reverse his historic defeat.

Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani at Four Seasons Total Landscaping press event November 4.

Five Battleground States See Lawsuits

In Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign filed five lawsuits seeking to stop vote counting altogether (dismissed) and to restrict ballots from being counted.

In Nevada, Trump sued to stop the use of an automated signature verification system and to allow expanded access to ballot counting.

In Michigan, Trump sued to stop count voting across the state and to prohibit Detroit from certifying its election results. Both suits are denied.

In Georgia, Trump sued to disqualify 53 ballots on a claim that they had arrived after a 7 p.m. election day deadline. The suit is denied.

In Arizona, Trump sued the state claiming votes cast using a Sharpie marker had been rejected. The claim had circulated previously on social media and a similar suit filed in Arizona was dropped by plaintiffs.

Four Seasons Press Conference

The president’s son Eric Trump and personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani became the face of the campaigns legal strategy, holding a November 4th press conference in the parking lot of Holmesburg PA’s Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Both claimed that campaign predictions of voter fraud had come to fruition.

From the news conference:

“This whole new thing that never happened before in our country, these mail-in ballots, which has been a cause of real concern for everyone, because they can easily be fraudulent…” As CNN reports, mail-in ballots are not new and are not “easily” fraudulent.

They claimed that Pennsylvania laws regarding poll watchers were not followed by election officials and therefore the entire Pennsylvania vote count was “illegitimate.” This is false and was refuted by a state judge on election day.

“We are going to win Pennsylvania, but they are trying to cheat us out of it…” The vote count in Pennsylvania has been litigated and court sanctioned.

Read The Washington Post’s entertaining account of the Four Seasons press conference by Dan Zak and Karen Heller.

Read The Strange Case of the Ballot Marking Device.

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