Trump Campaigns Base for Election Fight Funds – It’s a(nother) Scam

Picture of Donald Trump and Patty Hearst holding machine gun

Beginning November 3rd, the Trump campaign has sent a deluge of texts to donors asking for contributions – contributions that the texts explicitly state will fund Trump’s post-election lawsuits.

“We’re demanding MICHIGAN HALT COUNTING VOTES…but we can’t do it without you. Donate NOW to the Election Defense Fund.” reads a text sent to donors at 9:29 a.m. on November 6th. 44 texts have followed (the latest sent seconds ago) from “Pres. Trump,” “Don Jr.,” “Eric Trump” often under the banner “ELECTION DEFENSE.”

These texts and the fundraising campaign are a scam.

Picture of text from Trump campaign requesting donation to support Trump court challenges to election
Text from Trump campaign to Democratic Group staff member requesting contribution to Election Defense Fund. The bulk of a donor’s contribution in fact goes to Donald Trump’s new super PAC, Save America.

According to the disclaimer on the text’s contribution destination page, the bulk of any contribution less than $5,000 does not go to fighting Trump’s election defeat in court. Rather the bulk of any contribution less than $5,000 goes to Save America, a super PAC created by Trump July 1, 2019 (FEC # C00732172). According to FEC filings, Save America has raised $3.9 million since its founding.

Pic of disclaimer on Trump's Election Defense Task Force donor website page.
Disclaimer in “Election Defense Task Force” website, a donation page purporting to support Trump’s court fight to win the 2020 presidential election, identifies Trump’s super PAC “Save America” as the primary beneficiary of donor contributions. Text messages pushing contributors to this page explicitly says donor funds will support Trump’s election defense, not his super PAC.

Which explains why Trump, his administration and congressional Republicans refuse to concede the election. With voting over, the donor spigot would normally run dry.

But Donald Trump is doing now what he has done for his entire career, and doing what he does best. Trump is scamming investors for money.

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He and his Republicans won’t concede the election, not because Trump’s skin is wafer thin, which it is. Trump and his Republicans won’t concede the election because to do so would stop Trump’s post-election revenue flow.

By any reasonable accounting, Trump is broke and his debt is fast coming due. There’s no reason to believe that his businesses will rebound – not with the damage that he has done to his brand these past four years. So Trump finds his next mark.

Trump quickly figured out how to monetize his defeat and he’s pimped the Republican Party for his scam.

Which is ironic. Like another hostage, Patty Hearst, Republicans are committing the captor’s crime. For the captor.

And in yet another Trump-era first, Stockholm syndrome enters political-speak. One wonders what Patty Hearst would say.

One is also reminded of a tired joke. “I’d compare the Republican Party to Patty Hearst, but I don’t want to insult Patty Hearst.

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Picture of Trump's Election Defense Task Force donor website page
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