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The unlikely convergence of a Capitol and a Care Center

Donald Trump in limosine viewing attack on US capital

I, like most everyone in America, am glued this afternoon to my television watching a scene that I never imagined I would ever see. My father, a staunch conservative-Republican who “crossed France on my belly,” protecting the world from fascism, would be stunned.

We have come to this day because the Republican Party has been seduced into the most disturbing, bizarre behavior that is the stuff of science fiction.

“It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear. And from our shores, we — you know, it could get worse before it gets better. It could maybe go away. We’ll see what happens. Nobody really knows.”

CNN reports last October 31 that the President made similar public declarations at least 38 times. Republicans parroted. Because in this bizarre world, repeating a falsehood, repeating a lie, will make it true.

But it doesn’t. COVID-19 won’t go away – doesn’t go away. Also, you lost the election Mr. President and Georgia knows it. They said so last night.

I am a proud resident of New York’s Sullivan County. I am intrigued by politics and I’ve kept my eye carefully on those of my county and state.

So on this disturbing day, I think about the Care Center at Sunset Lake and the strange, inexplicable push by the Sullivan County Legislature, lead by Republican Chairman Robert Doherty, to off-load our county-owned nursing facility.

And this is why.

The insidious behavior demonstrated by the President and normalized by his adopted party has oozed well beyond Washington. I can smell it. I saw it this fall in Upstate New York debate performances. And I see it in the behavior of Republicans on the Sullivan County Legislature.

I have seen the videotape of Robert Doherty, in a recorded meeting open to the public, referring to the county-owned Care Center at Sunset Lake, “It’s a two and a half star care facility…” Doherty is on tape making this statement and it is absolutely not true.

(Trump also doesn’t care about the existence of tape.)

Doherty’s statement is a falsehood, it is a lie. The Care Center at Sunset Lake has a four-star rating by the federal government. The Care Center at Sunset Lake’s four-star rating is available for anyone, including Chairman Doherty, to see at medicare.gov/care-compare.

Spoiler: Robert Doherty has seen the Care Center at Sunset Lake’s four-star rating at medicare.gov/care-compare..

I reference this one, of many, instances of blatant misstatement of fact, untruths spoken by Chairman Doherty, Sullivan County Attorney Michael McGuire (the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct recommended the removal of then Judge Michael McGuire for a laundry list of misconduct and abuse of authority infractions last March) and members of the Sullivan County Legislature concerning the sale/lease of the Care Center at Sunset Lake. There are many others. (Readers might take a close look at confounding statements by Doherty and McGuire concerning the timing of the transfer of the Care Center out of the Legislature’s jurisdiction.)

Politics as usual? Politics most unusual in the eyes of this Sullivan County resident.

And politics that have lead directly and irrefutably to the storming of the U.S. Capital by insurrectionists this afternoon.

So while my neighbors in New York’s Sullivan County watch startling, unimaginable images from Washington D.C., I sit in my Sullivan County living room and think about the Care Center at Sunset Lake.

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