Stefanik skips House Intelligence Committee meetings

Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik has not attended meetings of the House Intelligence Committee “for months” according to new reporting by the Albany Times Union.

Stefanik, who represents Upstate New York’s 21st Congressional District, has been present for only one of at least seven meetings of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence since March. Stefanik skipped the committee’s June 24th meeting on US-China relations and was not present for meetings on June 15 and June 18.

The New York Times reported on June 26th that Russia has offered and paid terrorists in Afghanistan “bounties” for killing US service people. President Trump and the White House have claimed that the president was never briefed on the threat to US troops. CNN reports the threat was included in the President’s Daily Brief in the spring.

In a statement released by her campaign, Stefanik called the House Intelligence Committee “…one of the most important committees in Congress.” Stefanik’s national stature grew last year as a prominent defender of the president during the committee’s televised impeachment hearings.

Tedra Cobb, who is challenging Stefanik for her congressional seat, says in a statement released by her campaign: “Not only is Elise Stefanik absent from the job, but she’s also refusing to stand up for the lives of American troops. If Stefanik can’t be counted on to represent the best interest of soldiers at Fort Drum, her time in Congress must come to an end.”

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