Reed sides with Trump administration immigration policy

Tom Reed immigration

New York Rep. Tom Reed reaffirmed his endorsement of the Trump administration’s controversial immigration policy Thursday when he called for the repeal of New York’s Green Light Law. Reed’s proposal, announced at a Buffalo event on July 9, would allow unprecedented access to New York State records by the Trump administration and the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Trump administration has been dogged by court losses over its immigration policies from the start. Last month the Supreme Court ruled against the administration’s attempt to dismantle the Deferred Action for Recent Arrivals (DACA), protecting “dreamers” from deportation, because the administration has not provided legal justification for the action.

Also in June, the Supreme Court declined to hear the Trump administration’s challenge to a federal appeals court ruling upholding California’s “sanctuary” laws. With the decision, the court upheld California’s right to limit cooperation with federal immigration agencies including ICE.

Reed, who represents New York’s 23rd Congressional District, has been largely silent on Trump’s immigration policies, even as they have stirred court challenges and public condemnation. These policies include religion-based travel bans, military border wall funding and asylum seeker processing restrictions. The administration has attempted to dramatically lower legal immigration, an action condemned by the US Chamber of Commerce.

The administration’s family separation policy sparked particular outrage as images of parentless children sleeping on concrete floors behind chainlink enclosures flooded news media.

Reacting to the Trump’s immigration policies, Reed’s Democratic challenger Tracy Mitrano stated in a Facebook post “We cannot allow Trump to dictate policy according to his emotional mood swings or his popularity with his political base.” And in a recent statement to Tap Into Greater Olean, Mitrano says “We have a real problem, it needs to be genuinely addressed, but not with discrimination, hate and prejudice.”

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