Reed refuses debate in NY23rd

Republican Rep, Tom Reed of New York’s 23rd congressional district has refused to debate his Democratic challenger Tracy Mitrano.

Mitrano’s campaign proposed five debates to Reed, one each in the five district 23 media markets; Binghamton, Buffalo, Elmira-Corning, Rochester and Syracuse. But to date, Reed has flatly refused.

On her weekly media call, Mitrano stated of Reed, “It’s time that people had a chance all around this district to see him,” according to Hannah Legacy of Tap into Greater Olean. “This indignation and self-righteousness about just getting out in front of the public reveals how Tom Reed blurs the line between being a congressional candidate and being a congressman.”

In 2018, Reed accepted three of eight invitations to debate Mitrano. In their 2020 rematch, Reed has accepted none.

North Country Public Radio’s Julia Ritchie quotes SUNY-Potsdam political scientist Jack McGuire as saying that down-ballot Republican candidates, like Reed, will suffer due to the pandemic, an unstable economy and President Trump’s response to civil rights protests.

McGuire suggests that Tom Reed’s reelection chances are in serious jeopardy.

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