Donald Trump

As the November presidential election approaches, President Trump and Republicans have begun a full-throated assault on vote-by-mail. Ironically, Trump has probably committed both a crime and voter fraud when he voted by mail with an absentee ballot as a new resident of Florida in the state’s March 17th primary. The basis for this charge, brought

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Trump’s muddled pandemic response is unmasked by the COVID-19 virus itself, attacking his reelection chances and self-image. Nothing represents this failure more than, the mask. Today the president confirmed that a member of the vice president’s staff tested positive to COVID-19. The staff member is Katie Miller, Mike Pence’s press secretary and wife of senior

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Betting the farm on a strong performance in Super Tuesday contests, former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is in a tight three-way race for the lead in North Carolina. According to the polling analysis website FiveThirtyEight, Bloomberg sits in third place with 19% in FiveThirtyEight’s most recent poll of polls examining the

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Attorney General William Barr spent Valentine’s Day Eve cleaning up the mess that President Trump created with his Twitter feed comments on the prosecution brought against his long-time friend and political advisor Roger Stone. After more tweets raging against the DOJ’s recommended sentencing for Stone, and following years of raging against the Department of Justice,

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Climate Change

It is no secret that bee populations across the world have dropped dramatically in recent years. It turns out that climate change may be killing bees. According to a new study in the journal Science, global warming may account for a nearly 50% drop in bee populations in the past 45 years. The rusty patched

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For the country, the week started with its focus on three events: the Iowa Caucus, the State of the Union and Impeachment. Not surprisingly the president’s twitter feed spent time on all three. After finishing the previous week inaccurately suggesting that the Kansas City Chiefs were based in Kansas (they are in Missouri), Trump hit

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