Mitrano attacks Reed on coronavirus relief, farm injustice and debates

At her weekly press call yesterday, Democratic candidate for New York’s 23rd congressional district took sharp aim at opponent Tom Reed on issues including the coronavirus relief bill, support of district dairy farmers and Reed’s refusal to debate.

Tracy Mitrano, who was critical of an earlier coronavirus relief package for favoring corporations and special interests over individuals, chastised Republicans for loading their current bill with irrelevant spending.

“…Republicans should take the pork out of this new stimulus bill and focus on what is going to help…” Mitrano stated.

And in a week where 1.4 million Americans filed for unemployment, Mitrano questioned Reed’s justification for not supporting an extension to the $600 unemployment subsidy that has been a lifeline for many district families suffering from the economic fallout of the pandemic.

“Are people really disincentivized? Is that true…” she asked. The subsidy, a component of Washington’s first coronavirus relief package, expires today.

Mitrano went on to criticize Reed for not supporting local dairy farmers. While the U.S. Department of Justice has filed an amicus brief in support of farmers suing the Dairy Farmers of America cooperative for violations of anti-trust laws, Reed has been silent on the issue.

The DFA “moved into this area, and they are part and parcel of why more than 250 dairy farms a year have gone out of business in this district,” said Mitrano, “and why we had 11 suicides last year here and just north of us.”

Mitrano has challenged Reed to five debates during this campaign season. To date, debate invitations have been offered by three non-partisan organizations to the candidates. Reed has declined all invitations.

Tom Reed can’t and won’t do that because he has failed this district on the issues: healthcare, education, infrastructure, protecting farmers and our environment,” Mitrano said.

“People of the 23rd district deserve better: A representative who will show up.”

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