Democratic Senate Candidates Continue to Dominate

Democratic candidates lead Republicans in seven races where a Republican currently holds the seat. Four wins give Democrats control of the Senate.

Democratic Senate candidates continue to dominate Republican opponents across the country. Seven seats currently held by republicans are leaning Democratic, many with large margins.

In Michigan, incumbent Democrat Gary Peters grows his lead over Republican challenger John James by three points to 15% according to data released June 6.

Arizona’s embattled Republican incumbent Kelly McSally sees her gap grow three points to 15% behind Democratic challenger Mark Kelly according to data released June 3.

Iowa’s Republican incumbent Joni Ernst is trailing Democrat Theresa Greenfield by three points according to data released June 9. Greenfield won the Democratic primary on June 2.

Kansas Republicans don’t choose a Senate candidate until August 4, where Kris Klobach leads candidates without a Pompeo candidacy. Democrat Barbara Bollier leads Klobach by one point according to data released June 2.

Democrats hold commanding leads in contests for three other Republican-held Senate seats. Maine Republican stalwart Susan Collins trails Democratic challenger Sara Gideon by nine points. Montana’s sitting Republican Steve Daines trails the state’s governor Steve Bullock by nine points. In Colorado, John Hickenlooper has lead Republican Cory Gardner by 18 points. Whether this week’s ethics violation fine against Hickenlooper for activity while governor will affect his commanding lead is to be seen.

Data available at Five Thirty Eight.

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