Democratic Group launches ‘Defeat Trumpism’ campaign

Defeat Trumpism
Democratic Group launches ‘Defeat Trumpism’ campaign

Democratic Group launches its ‘Defeat Trumpism’ campaign this week, its first installment targeting three Republican Upstate New York House representatives: Tom Reed, Elise Stefanik and John Katko. The campaign, which calls out Republican politicians who have refused to hold Donald Trump and his administration accountable for failures, will run on television, in print and on digital platforms.

“Given the state of today’s politics, we must do more than defeat Donald Trump this November,” states Democratic Group founder Mark McLaren. “We must defeat Trumpism. And by that I mean that we must defeat all of those in Washington who have enabled the incompetence and lawlessness of this president.

“Literally tens of thousands of lives have been lost, I believe because the Trump administration has mismanaged the government’s response to the pandemic. Frankly the Trump administration has had no response to the pandemic.

“And where are the Republicans in Congress calling out this gross negligence? Where are the Republicans in Congress calling out the president for obvious corrupt actions like the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence?

“Democratic Group is holding every New York Republican accountable for this silence.”

Democratic Group joins Lincoln Project and other political organizations in calling out the silence of Republican congresspeople on the Trump administration’s ineptness and malfeasance.

Democratic Group fundraises via ActBlue and on its website.

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