Democratic Group Launches Community

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Democratic Group has announced the launch of Community, a membership program assisting small grassroots organizations advocating for Democratic policies and initiatives at the local level.

All politics are local. A thought becomes a conversation. A conversation becomes a trend. And before you know it, there is a movement.

Democratic Group’s Community offers important services to those small, local grassroots organizations on the frontlines fighting for Democratic ideals. These organizations are the most powerful change agents around and membership in Democratic Group’s Community instantly provides these organizations access to resources enjoyed by only the largest, most well-funded political organizations.

Democratic Group’s Community provides member organizations a number of professional competencies. Member organizations access professional communications services from planning to production to implementation. After putting a communications strategy to paper, media professionals provided to Community members produce actual advertising collateral – print, video and audio – for the Community member organization. Free of charge.

Community member organizations benefit from political strategy consulting services, offering the organization a firm structure for mission success. They benefit from technology services that power day to day community networking.

Local organizations apply for membership in Democratic Group’s Community. Membership in Community is completely free of charge to the organization.

Contact Democratic Group for more information.

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