Democrat Dana Balter in ‘Dead Heat’ with Incumbent John Katko for NY-24 House Seat

Democrat Dana Balter is tied with incumbent Rep. John Katko for New York’s Congressional District 24 House seat.

The Citizen reports that polling from Normington, Petts & Associates shows Balter with a one-point lead over Katko among likely voters in New York’s 24th Congressional District. Favorability for both candidates sits at 47%.

New York Rep. John Katko is in a tight race against Dana Balter for his District 24 House seat.

Balter handily won the June Democratic primary with 65% of the vote on primary day. Katko, like fellow Upstate New York Republican incumbents Tom Reed and Elise Stefanik, faces a tough reelection race given the passionate unpopularity of Donald Trump and his influence on the Republican party.

Upstate New York Republicans Tom Reed and Elise Stefanik in surprisingly close reelection races.

After three years of an unconventional presidency, national polling identifies an electorate turning on Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic and civic turmoil.

Katko, Reed and Stifanek face the Republican incumbent dilemma; how to win reelection while supporting a staggeringly unpopular president.

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