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During Kentucky’s June 23rd primary, Louisville and the county of Jefferson had exactly one polling location for the county’s 700,000 residents. Jefferson county is home to half of Kentucky’s African American population and a local judge mandated that election officials keep the site open beyond its scheduled close when voters, many who endured traffic delays in the site location and had waited hours, demanded the opportunity to cast a ballot.

On April 7, Milwaukee had five polling stations open for Wisconsin’s primary vote, compared to 180 locations in previous elections. Madison, with a population of 260,000 that is 75% white, had 66 open polling locations. Milwaukee has a population of 590,000 45% of which is white.

Kentucky’s State House and Wisconsin’s State Assembly are both controlled by Republicans.

As President Trump, his attorney general and Republicans at every level of government openly question the legitimacy of November’s vote, Democratic Group launches Defend the Vote, reporting on Republican efforts to suppress the vote and working to protect the vote of every American.

Learn more about Democratic Group’s Defend the Vote campaign here.

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