Dana Balter leads John Katko

Picture of House candidate Dana Balter

Democratic candidate Dana Balter leads John Katko by two points in the race for New York Congressional District 24, a lead that has proven persistent.

This according to data collected from registered voters October 13 and 14, and released by Public Policy Polling on October 15.

Balter’s two-point lead over the Republican representative of NY24 is similar to results published October 4 by Sienna College showing Balter ahead of Katko by three points among likely voters.

Balter’s consistent lead over Katko portends a reversal of their 2018 matchup when Katko won by six points. This year Balter has maintained a seemingly unmovable three point advantage over Katko since late spring.

Katko joins dozens of Republican House incumbents feeling the drag of an historically unpopular president. Trump’s standing has collapsed among women, a group that contributed to his victory over Clinton in 2016. The Washington Post-ABC poll released October 11 puts Biden’s support among suburban woman at 62%. Trump is supported by just 32%.

Older voters have also fled Trump, with Biden leading by one point among voters 65+ who had favored Trump over Clinton by nine points in 2016.

As Democratic Group reports, Republicans in down-ballot races across the country are suffering from the President’s historic unpopularity, exacerbated by his administration’s failed coronavirus response and the president’s own diagnosis for COVID-19.

In New York’s 23rd congressional district, Democrat Tracy Mitrano trails incumbent Tom Reed by seven points according to October 6 Public Policy Polling data. Mitrano lost to Reed by 8 points in 2018.

Polling data comes from Five Thirty Eight.

Democratic Group reports on Trump’s effect on 2020 House races in Trump’s drag on Senate Republicans is nothing compared to the destruction he’s hurtling at his House.

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