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After a successful 40-year strategy to take control of state and local government, Republicans are leveraging power for dramatically undemocratic purposes, including voter suppression.

All politics are local and Democratic Group takes our fight for democratic principles back to the state and local front lines.

Democratic Group’s Community membership program provides critical communication and strategy services to local political and advocacy organizations in communities large and small across the country.

Democratic Group Community member organizations, rich with local knowledge, passion and shoe leather, do the grassroots heavy lift for numerous initiatives important to Democratic principles including voter registration drives, get out the vote initiatives and fighting the privatization of public services.

Democratic Group provides Community member organizations, free of charge, with critical communication and strategy services including collateral creation and media relations, amplifying member messages and fighting against powerful, well-funded Republican incumbency.

Community member organizations are winning local battles with Community program services. Organizations interested in joining Democratic Group’s Community may write to for application information.

You may contribute to Democratic Group’s Community above. You may also contribute with ActBlue.

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