Biden Lead in Battleground States Widens as Trump Crisis Response Disappoints

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Failed responses to a pandemic and social unrest drive Trump’s odds of reelection dramatically lower as Trump fatigue increases.

Recent data indicates that Trump’s failed response to COVID-19 and to the killing of George Floyd have further turned voters against the president in key battleground states.

Biden’s lead over Trump in Wisconsin has grown to 9% according to a poll released by Fox News on June 3. Fox also reports that Biden’s lead over Trump in Arizona holds steady at 9%. And in Ohio, Biden holds a 2% lead over the president.

Biden maintains or grows lead over Trump in key battleground states.

Biden’s lead over Trump in Michigan stands at 12% according to data from EPIC-MRA released June 7. And in Minnesota, Trump trails Biden by 5% according to a May 24 data release by Mason-Dixon. Biden leads Trump in New Hampshire by 8% according to Saint Anselm College.

Biden and Trump are in a dead heat in Iowa according to data from Civiqs released June 9. And Biden leads Trump by three points in Florida according to data from Cygnal released June 11.

Biden’s lead over Trump nationally reflects Trump administration failures over COVID-19 and the killing of George Floyd.

Biden’s lead over Trump in national polls increases dramatically in May and June as registered voters flee Trump over his failed responses to the coronavirus pandemic and to unrest following the killing of George Floyd.

As of June 10, Trump’s approval rating sits at 42% with disapproval at 47% according to Ipsos. The president’s approval rating has remained in the low- to mid- 40s during his time in office.

Data available at Five Thirty Eight.

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