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Abrams demonstrates the power of local

The stunning upset in Georgia last night, where two newcomers unseated Republican incumbents delivering the Senate to the Democrats and cementing Democratic control of Washington’s three pillars of power for the first time in 11 years, is the perfect demonstration of the tired adage, “all politics are local.”

And while the import of a deranged president and a Republican party tossing basic democratic values to the curb can’t (and won’t) be ignored, the Democrat win in Georgia last night has at its core one catalyst.

Her name is Stacey Abrams.

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In 2013, Abrams founded The New Georgia Project with a mission to succeed politically, not on the backs of likely voters, but on recruitment of low-propensity and young voters. New Georgia’s tactic is to visit voters three to four times to drive registration and turnout.

The strategy couldn’t be simpler – encourage basic political participation at the most local level. And it has proved kryptonitic.

Abrams surprising performance against Republican Brian Kemp in 2018, losing the Georgia governor’s mansion by just 55,000 votes, was propelled by the registration of over 800,000 new Democrat voters in Georgia on the part her grassroots organizations.

And on the heels of 2018, Georgia’s 2020 and 2021 elections confirm, with certainty, the power of Abrams. She turned the deep-south, deep-red state blue blue blue.

So it turns out that, indeed, all politics are local. Winners know it.

Democratic Group has announced the launch of Community, a membership program assisting small grassroots organizations advocating for Democratic policies and initiatives at the local level.

Democratic Group’s Community provides member organizations a number of professional competencies. Member organizations access professional communications services from planning to production to implementation. With a communications strategy to paper, media professionals provided to Community members produce advertising collateral – print, video and audio – for the Community member organization. Free of charge.

Community member organizations benefit from political strategy consulting services, offering the organization a firm structure for mission success. They benefit from technology services that power day to day community networking.

Local organizations apply for membership in Democratic Group’s Community. Membership in Community is completely free of charge to the organization.

All politics are local. Democratic Group patrons winners.

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