Martha McSally

Several Democratic Senate candidates in key races expand leads threatening Mitch McConnell’s role as majority leader. As the reaction to the death of George Floyd sparks protests across the country, recent polling shows Democrats gaining in key Senate races. In Maine, four-term Republican moderate Susan Collins trails Sara Gideon by 9 points according to polling

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Donald Trump

As the November presidential election approaches, President Trump and Republicans have begun a full-throated assault on vote-by-mail. Ironically, Trump has probably committed both a crime and voter fraud when he voted by mail with an absentee ballot as a new resident of Florida in the state’s March 17th primary. The basis for this charge, brought

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Trump’s muddled pandemic response is unmasked by the COVID-19 virus itself, attacking his reelection chances and self-image. Nothing represents this failure more than, the mask. Today the president confirmed that a member of the vice president’s staff tested positive to COVID-19. The staff member is Katie Miller, Mike Pence’s press secretary and wife of senior

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